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What is QuickResu.me?

QuickResu.me allows you to quickly create and share a mobile version of your resume with the world, both online and off. It will also track when your resume was scanned and what they viewed, giving you amazing insight into what people find relevant about you.

What does it cost to use QuickResu.me?

Currently there are 3 version of QuickResu.me: Free, Plus and Premium. For a limited time, active Beta users will be given a Plus account. Out of Beta we will keep QuickResu.me a feature-rich, low-cost service.

Will the free version of QuickResu.me put ads on my Resume?

No, we will never put ads on your resume. We want you to succeed and share that success with others.

What can I learn about my resume?

QuickResu.me keeps detailed stats on where your resume was viewed, how often, and what people clicked on. Premium members get increased stats and visibility in their resume.

How does QuickResu.me work?

Once you sign up we access your LinkedIn info and quickly collect your information to create your resume. When created your resume can be shared both Online and Offline through QR codes.

What is a QR code?

A QR code is also known as a Quick Response Code. It is a digital 2-dimensional matrix bar code. You've probably noticed them on billboards and magazine advertisements. Using a smartphone anyone can scan your QR code and quickly be taken to your mobile resume.

Where can I find a QR scanning application?

All major smartphone platforms have QR scanning applications. For iOS devices we recommend RedLaser. On Android devices we'd suggest using QR Droid.

How can I share my QuickResu.me Online?

Once created your resume will have a share option that lets you share your QR code to major social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

How can I share my QuickResu.me Offline?

Once created your resume will have a Download option that lets you assign a Keyword to your QR code and download it. It can then be placed on your paper resume, business card or other offline material and it will be tracked the same way online links are.

Where can I provide feedback on my experience?

There is a feedback button on the left side of every page. We would love to know your thoughts about our service and how we may improve it.

How can I contact you?